General INFO & Handbook

Tournament Date: October 26-27, 2019

Comp/Rec Split: We will be hosting 16 teams again in 2019!  For optimal scheduling, we plan to host an 8-team Comp Division and an 8-team Rec Division. 

Registration Opens: September 1, 2019. Once open, you’ll be able to click on 'Register Now' in the upper right hand corner of our homepage to register.

Tournament Fees 2019: $550 per team; Early bird price $500 (Sept. 1-7)

Gender Ratio: WFDF Mixed Gender Ratio Rule A

Want to play but don’t have a team yet? Didn’t get a team registered in time and want to be added to the WAIT LIST? Use our ‘Contact Us’ form on the Contact page to let us know you’re looking for a team and we’ll see if we can find you a spot!

If you want to learn a bit more about the tournament, you can check-out our 2018 Goosebowl Handbook below.

 GOOSEBOWL 2018 HANDBOOK  - Everything you need to know in one handy spot!



Goosebowl 2018 - Queen's University ( West Campus)



  1. Spirit of the Game

  2. Teams should have a theme costume to play in for Saturday and Sunday (party costume need not be the same as team uniform)

  3. USA Ultimate, Official Rules of Ultimate, 11th Edition

  4. Brick length determined based on field size and will be marked with spray paint (weather permitting)

  5. Foot-Blocks are allowed unless discussed between captains prior to the game

  6. Contact rule is in place unless discussed between captains prior to the game


  1. WFDF Mixed Gender Rule Ratio A

  2. All games are played to 15

  3. One timeout per half, No Floater

  4. No Soft Cap. Horn will sound for Game Start and Hard Cap