Goosebowl is a tournament that reminds me why I fell in love with this sport and the people that play it. Spirited and fun games, dressing up in funny costumes, goofing around with close friends, raging dance parties and plenty of drinking are just a small part of the Goose experience. You don’t know what you’re missing till you’ve played this tournament.
— Isaiah 'Freakbeast' Masek-Kelly - AUDL MVP Finalist, Toronto Rush & GOAT
The best way to accurately describe Goosebowl is to say that it is THE-CAN’T-MISS Frisbee event of the fall. At Goosebowl, the Frisbee is always fun, the beer is always flowing and the dance floor is always bumpin’. I have had more laughs and made more crazy (albeit hazy) memories here than I can count. Whether it be re-telling one of the amazing stories from the previous year or planning something awesome for the next, Goosebowl has become the tournament that my friends and I talk about all year long, and the tournament that we will never miss.
— Jordan 'Jordo' Meron - TC U23 & Capitals
“Sometimes you can go to a tournament and there will always be something wrong—poor scheduling of byes (shout out to Ontario Regionals 2015), musical chairs with the tournament date (#MetroLeast), or a non-existent tournament party. Goosebowl is the exception to the rule. The people of Kingston are welcoming, the fields will be used, rain or shine, and there’s always someone vying to win the party at the expense of his/her performance on Sunday.”
— David Murray - GT
Goosebowl reminds me of exactly why we play ultimate in the first place. It’s a tournament that perfectly mixes competitive playing with spirit of the game and just having a great time. Can’t wait to go back!
— Paula Saliba - Capitals
What is there to say about Goosebowl, it’s definitely an experience you don’t want to miss. As one of Eastern Ontario’s premier spirit tournaments, Goosebowl showcases Kingston’s tremendous hospitality. Furthermore it is a contributor to the growth and development of the sport. The tournament draws teams and players of all levels to create a unique mix of exceptional spirit and memorable events. I’ve always had a fantastic time and look forward to returning year after year!
— Remi Ojo - AUDL & Youtube Sensation, Toronto Rush & GOAT
I`m great and so is this tournament. The best part is that there’s a McDonald’s down the road.
— Andrew Carroll, Toronto Rush & GOAT
Goosebowl is one of those tournaments where you never know what`s going to happen, but it consistently plays host to a number of “you should have been there” stories. It has been one of my favourite weekends over the last 4 years and I plan on participating in it every year for the foreseeable future.
— Chase Heinemann, Too Bad